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Why have a life coach?

Do you believe in the #power of #positive thinking? I do!

Tony Robbins - one of the best life coaches and motivational speakers - shared this life-changing story for one life-coaching client of his:


Tony Robbins says, “The only way a relationship will last is if you see your relationship as a place that you go to give, and not a place that you go to take.” We all have rough patches, but when you have a partner who truly puts you first, you can grow through the challenge and emerge stronger than ever. Jay and Fariha have been there. Jay shared his experience in developing a positive attitude just when Fariha needed it most.

“I met Jay six months after I had gotten divorced. It was a dramatic time in my life,” Fariha said. “He was always happy, he had a kick in his step like a little kid. I asked him why and he just said, ‘Why not? I’m happy about everything that I have and I’m grateful for it.’ Being by my side through such a tough time really motivated me to make some changes in my life.”

#Gratitude is the most powerful emotion you can cultivate to help you live in a more positive state. As Tony says, “Trade your expectations for appreciation and your whole world changes in an instant.” You must also cultivate other emotions, like #passion and #hunger, in order to change your mindset and learn how to have a positive attitude in a lasting way. For Fariha, that’s exactly what happened when Jay introduced her to Tony’s philosophies.


Jay showed Fariha what it meant to live with gratitude and positivity, but she still needed some support to make actionable changes in her life. She had gained 20 pounds and was dealing with a chemical addiction that was affecting her work and her relationships. Her limiting beliefs were holding her back from fully embracing the changes she needed to make —but Jay was there to help her through.

“Every day I would hear from Jay, ‘You should really listen to Tony Robbins’ tapes and YouTube videos,’” said Fariha. “He started playing the programs in the car while we’d be driving and I thought, ‘Okay, this is interesting.’ Jay was using a lot of the concepts to help me, but hearing Tony say them helped make more sense.”

For Fariha, attending UPW was the life-changing catalyst she needed to ignite her passion and her hunger to live in a more positive state.

“When I finally decided to attend UPW, I was amazed. I was expecting four days of Tony speaking and maybe learning some techniques, but nothing I’d imagined compared to what I actually saw and experienced."

“I found myself again and it’s helped me to do things that actually make me happy,” she said.

That’s the ultimate success story.

Want to make a life-change of your own and truly live the life of your dreams?! It's possible! The tools and accountability a life coach provides can make all the difference!

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