• Michele Duhigg

Using breathwork to rediscover the magic within

I'm thrilled to feature my friend Christine Singh this week! After a decade of building a successful career in PR & Marketing, Christine decided to take a leap of faith and left the corporate world behind to pursue what lit her soul up the most. A year of adventure ensued with her saying yes to new opportunities, learning many lessons on self love and personal growth along the way.

With her love of bringing people together, she began to curate unique experiences inspiring people to awaken their intuition by tapping into their inner joy through intuitive arts and crafts, mindful cooking, meditation, tarot readings, sister circles and more.

Christine is delighted to share her love for Breathwork at Anchor Meditation, where it all began. She is passionate about supporting people on their healing journeys and offers private breathwork sessions 1:1, for couples and for groups as a certified Revelation Breathwork facilitator. Join Christine on a self-healing journey through the power of breath to remember your natural gifts and rediscover the magic you already have within.

Christine also uses her skills in social media and event planning to empower female founders in sharing their authentic stories on and offline as a Digital Strategist.

Check out her breathwork session below and follow her on Instagram at @breathewithtine to stay up to date on upcoming workshops and latest happenings.

Breathwork session:

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