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Implementing a self-care routine

This week I am excited to feature a guest blogger named Kelsey Graffis. Kelsey and I connected on Facebook and quickly built a rapport over our love of helping women take control of their lives. Enjoy Kelsey's post below and feel free to connect with her on her social channels!

Entrepreneurs, diligent moms, and workforce women alike all have one thing in common. We want to be efficient with the time we have. We want to spend the least amount of time on chores, errands, and those annoying work tasks that always end up following us home, and the most amount of time with friends, family, and a glass of red wine (give or take on your preferences).

Because our schedules are packed and we are incredibly hardworking, we often neglect the one thing that is the most important…. US. While we absolutely love creating, working, loving on our family and friends, committing all of our time and energy to those responsibilities can also cause anxiety, stress, and lack of self-care. While it is very important to focus on all of our obligations, it is JUST as important to focus on us. By taking the time out to focus on yourself, you are able to show up for others in a more powerful way than if you are getting burnt out focusing on them.

There are many ways to make sure you’re taking the time to care for yourself. Here are a few suggestions on where to start!

Brain Dump

Start by taking a few minutes out of your day to sit down with a pen and paper, or even the notes section in your phone, and journal out EVERYTHING that comes to mind that makes you feel good!! Don’t think of anything as too big or too small; just simply put what makes you happy on that list. If travel is one, put it. If sipping your coffee is another, it makes the list. It’s called a “dump” for a reason! So we can get it all out there!!

Once you’ve gotten everything written down that makes you happy, go back through that list and find something you could realistically do every single day and DO IT!! As for the bigger things, like travel, maybe you take some time out of your day to plan a trip you’ll take with your family over a holiday, because, of course, you wouldn’t be able to travel every day (If only, right?!).

“But how do I make sure I actually do these things every day?” Great question.

Schedule in “Me Time”

This is where your time management skills need to come in! Whether it’s 5 minutes to read, 30 minutes to exercise, or anywhere/anything in between. Whatever you picked from that list, whatever the time limit, you NEED to put it into your “schedule”. This “Me Time” needs to be a non-negotiable EVERY DAY! As I said earlier, it can be as short as 5 minutes, but you need to make sure you are scheduling that time in for you! Make sure that what you’ve picked off your list truly brings you ultimate happiness, and plan a realistic time to execute that task. If you are not realistic, it will not work. If you know you cannot dedicate 45 minutes every single day to go to the gym, don’t plan that in as your “Me Time”. You’ll spend more time feeling stressed about the fact that you didn’t get your time in, than the time you should be spending making sure you’re filling your cup up!

Know That It’s Okay to Say “No”

There is SO MUCH going on in us busy gal’s lives. From family to friends, to work obligations, they’re there. And they don’t go away. Some people thrive off of having a busy go-go schedule, but some do not. No matter where you are on that spectrum, you need to know that it’s okay to say “no”. This is one of the biggest pieces of self-care. If an event or a task doesn’t feel right to you, you are allowed to say “no”. Saying yes to these different obligations is the opposite of self-care, and you will wind up finding yourself feeling uncomfortable or upset. Say yes to the things that feel good, and no to the things that don’t. The people in your life love you and care about you, and want you to be your best possible self. They’ll understand if you need to say “no” once and awhile.

Time to love on yourself, you beautiful soul, you.

If you find journaling and brain dumping your thoughts to be a relief, I highly suggest you start some sort of journal practice! Journaling is an amazing form of self care. I even have FREE prompts for you to give a try!

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