• Michele Duhigg


According to Investopedia, Entrepreneurs help drive change through innovation, creating new and improved products and developing new markets. 

I have been an entrepreneur my whole life.  I was born into a family of entrepreneurs and learned early on to work hard and continuously improve - myself, those around me and how things were done.  Just because something was done a certain way didn't mean that it couldn't be changed - and done more effectively and efficiently.

My 15 years in the corporate world further emphasized the uniqueness of this entrepreneurial spirit.  As others were satisfied with the "status quo" I continued to look for better and faster ways of getting things done.

I also began to see that my entrepreneurial spirit enabled me to envision the big picture and provide a frame of reference for "why" tasks were important and "what" would drive results.

Now I am excited to help other entrepreneurs and small businesses clarify their strategic vision, improve operational efficiency and ensure their "what" and their "why" are aligned.

After all, as entrepreneurs we must be willing to change, innovate and develop new markets.

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