• Michele Duhigg

Don't let the effects of COVID-19 keep you from having a positive mindset

This is a very challenging time for the world. People are dying. Jobs are at stake. Schools are closed. We all need to be agile and learn to pivot.

But despite the constant negativity you may see on the news or on social media - you can still maintain a positive mindset! In fact, this may be the best time to cultivate an attitude of gratitude!

Did you know that gratitude is scientifically-proven to help keep you healthy? Look it up!

In addition to a daily practice of gratitude, here are some other ways to battle the negativity that comes with the COVID-19 pandemic:

Prime for optimism. 

When you’re having a particularly tough day, think of three good things that have happened over the past 24 hours. Your brain will begin processing the positive again and provide much-needed reinforcement.

Create a power lead.

Research shows the first comment in a conversation often predicts the outcome. Instead of replying to “How are you?” with a complaint, answer with something uplifting like, “Today is actually going great.”

Invest in mindfulness.

Meditation, yoga, journaling—whatever method you choose, daily mindfulness is crucial for combating negativity.

What are your go-to tools to help you maintain a positive mindset?

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