Meditation by the Sea


I help my spiritual soul sisters look inward to overcome obstacles and live a purpose-led life of fulfillment, freedom and abundance!



Certified Empowerment Coach and Spiritual Warrior Goddess

I am a Certified Life Coach who helps women get out of their own way to show up with confidence and go after what they want in life!

I have been through my share of challenges: miscarriage, divorce, losing a home, bankruptcy, breaking free from a cult, losing my job... the list goes on!  Life has not been easy, but my Three Keys to Overcoming Obstacles has equipped me to not only overcome those struggles, but use them to propel me forward to lead a purpose-led life of fulfillment, freedom and abundance!

I would love the opportunity to help you implement my three step process in your life to overcome obstacles and become more aligned with who you are meant to become!

I was named 2020 Woman of Influence by Amazing Women Media and will be featured in the book 101 Amazing Women of Influence. I am co-authoring the books You Can Have It All and The Rising Sisterhood.

I have been featured in Thriving Women magazine, Voyage Phoenix magazine, AZ Big Media and am a contributing author to Thrive Global and Elephant Journal.




Lucy Liu

The moment you hop on a call and see Michele's smiles you already know you're in good hands. She is a strong-willed, friendly, professional and such a goal crushing inspiration. If you need help with reaching your goals, have a chat with her.

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Whether you think you can - or you think you can't - you're right.”

Henry Ford

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